Raspberry Peach White Wine Slushie

Raspberry peach white wine slushies in stemless glasses on a dark wood table with a spoon for stirring.

Refreshing and fruity raspberry peach white wine slushies. Perfect for a hot day in the summer.



  1. Blend 2/3 bottle of white wine with frozen peach slices and 1-2 cups of ice cubes (start with one cup and if too thin, add another cup) in a Vitamix or blender.
  2. Pour into four glasses. Put in freezer while preparing raspberry layer.
  3. Blend remaining wine with frozen raspberries and 1 cup of ice cubes (if you want thicker, add additional ice).
  4. Remove glasses from freezer and pour raspberry layer on top of peach layer.
  5. Serve with straw, spoon, or just drink it!


*Recipe is a guide. Adapt ingredients and measurements as desired.

**You can substitute all kinds of frozen fruit – strawberries, bananas, mangos, pineapple, etc.

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